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Frequently asked questions and answers

If you have a question that isn't listed below please feel free to send ask us using the contact us page.


Is Prosperiprop legit?
Yes! As a fintech startup this is the first question that anyone should ask. A large part of our preparation went into designing a "ring of trust" around our business. This is how you know you can trust us:
  • Alphacode
    We are a member of Alphacode. Alphacode is a Rand Merchant Bank sponsored fintech incubator.
  • Independently audited
    In the spirit of true and complete transparency, ProsperiProp hired Grant Thornton SA, a top global auditing firm, to audit and verify our business financials.
  • JB Smith
    JB is CEO and chief investment officer of Rebalance Fund Managers. Rebalance is an established fund management company in South Africa with more than R1.5 billion (Approx. US$ 115 million) capital under management. JB is responsible for oversight.
  • Financial service board
    Prosperiprop will be accredited by the FSB of South Africa before it starts trading (post ICO).
What oversight have you put in place?
One of the worlds largest audit companies, have been contracted to audit the company and the SPV on an annual basis to ensure absolute transparency (watch the press for details).

Basic technology Q & A

What is blockchain?
Note: Description copied from User10405
A blockchain is a distributed (shared) append-only ledger, where each node in the network has the same copy of it. This ledger contains references to every transaction that has ever occurred on the network which is secured by the mining network, which validates and confirms those transactions.

The ledger is publicly viewable via a 'block explorer' to prove that a transaction took place or that an address (public key) has a certain balance, however encryption keeps that information obscured in the form of hashes and hash pointers.

Because the ledger is shared and encrypted, any attempt to alter the data inside of it would require an attacker to simultaneously hack each node of the network and overcome the encryption. Even if it could be attacked, due to the nature of hash functions, the tampering would be evident.
Do you use any investment tech?
Yes. Prosperiprop bases its investment decisions on a deep understanding of market trends obtained from the analysis of big data using proprietary analysis tools.
What is a PROPX token?
PROPX is a token generated on the WAVES crypto token platform. Each PROPX token represents a direct shareholding in ProsperiProp, the management company.

The value of the PROPX token is backed by declared dividends of the management company as well as ten percent (10%) share in all property assets acquired by the SPVs. The growth in the tokens’ value is directly linked to the growth of the ProsperiProp business and SPV property portfolios.

A limited number of PropX tokens will be made available to the market via an Initial Coin Offering (ICO). Once the limit is reached, no further PropX tokens will be created or issued. Funds raised from the sale of PropX tokens will be used to create a property fund which will be established as an SPV. Over time, several such funds will be established, creating a global property portfolio. PropX token owners therefore enjoy the perpetual benefit of participating in each new property fund as the ProsperiProp footprint expands.

What is a TREE token?
PROP-T is a crypto asset, a token that allows ProsperiProp to use the power of blockchain and cryptocurrency to make real estate wealth more accessible to the majority of the global population by reducing the barriers to entry and enabling widespread participation.

Backed by a portfolio of real estate asset with tangible value and real income generation, PROP-T is designed to be much less susceptible to the erratic volatility that typically occurs in cryptocurrencies whose value is significantly impacted by market sentiment.

Proceeds from PROP-T sales will be used to repay the loan to the management company. The capital may be re-applied to grow the existing property fund, which will coincide with the issue of more tokens, set up the next property fund (potentially in another location), with more properties purchased and more PROP-T being made available for sale.

The PROP-T token benefits from shared ownership and capital appreciation of the property property portfolio as well as will be a combination of dividends and distributions rather.

PROP-T owners will be able to trade their tokens on cryptocurrency exchanges such as the Waves decentralised exchange.

Business model

What is the difference between a cryptocurrency and a crypto asset?
A cryptocurrency is a peer-to-peer payment mechanism that uses cryptography for security. A cryptocurrency is difficult to counterfeit because of this security feature. A defining feature of a cryptocurrency, and arguably its most endearing allure, is its organic nature; it is not issued by any central authority, rendering it theoretically immune to government interference or manipulation.

A cryptocurrency’s primary objective is to store value in the same way that hard cash does. It can be used as payment, that is transferring value from one person to another. Cryptocurrency has a present cash value which it exchanged for goods or service of equal value. Cryptocurrencies are traded and its value is influenced by supply and demand.

A Crypto asset is a token that "represents value", it is a representation of value stored by something else. For example, a property backed crypto asset represents the value inherent to a specific property. The asset's value is reflected in the value of a crypto token. Asset backed crypto tokens are less vulnerable to changes in the cryptocurrency market.
Are PROPX and TREE cryptocurrencies?
No. Both the PROPX - and TREE tokens are backed by assets. That makes them crypto assets. However, as holders of value they can be traded on exchanges.
What are the assets backing PROPX and TREE?
PROPX is our investor's token. The total value of the entire crowd funded capital pool plus 10% of the value of all SPV assets accrue to PROPX.

TREE is our consumer token. TREE total value of all assets in the SPV accrue to TREE.

A detailed explanation is available in our whitepaper.

Trading and cash out

Can PROPX and TREE tokens be traded on an exchange?
Yes. Both tokens owners can be traded on the Waves decentralised exchange immediately after purchase. We will apply to trade on other exchanges in due course.
What safeguards are there against coin dumps?
Yes. To protect token holders from mass sell off, the following trade limitations will be applied to PROPX team members’ share of tokens:
  1. The ProsperiProp management allocation of forty percent of the total token supply may only be traded in three years after launch or 1 December 2020.
  2. Only 10% of any team member’s allocation of tokens may be sold per year and no more than 5% per month of the company’s total allocation.
How do TREE token owners cash out?
TREE token owners can sell their tokens on the WAVES DEX or they can simply log into the TREE mobile app and select the cash out option.

What is the exit strategy?

Closing the SPV
If the board decides to liquidate an SPV then the SPV assets(shares held in other companies) will be sold. The cash raised will be used to settle the SPV loan. TREE token holders will be paid out in crypto.
Closing Prosperiprop
In the event that the board decides to close the Prosperiprop business, all SPVs will be sold or closed. The proceeds will be paid out to the TREE token holders. The cash pool will be liquidated and paid out to Prosperiprop. The company will settle any debtors. Any cash balance will be used to buy back all the PROPX tokens.