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Rewards programme launched!

ProsperiProp's referral campaign pays you in Ether for getting people to support this project.

You stand to earn 10% of the cash value of PROPX purchased by someone that you refer. So, if your referred a friend and the friend buys $100 worth of PROPX tokens, you earn $10, in Ether - paid to your Ether wallet within 24 hours!

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ProsperiProp implements ECR-20 compliant tokens

ECR-20 is a crypto token standard that is required by most of the cryptocurrency exchanges. Without the ECR-20 standard, it is almost impossible for a token to be adopted by the major cryptocurrency exchanges.

ProsperiProp adopted this standard, but that forced us to abandon the WAVES token in favour of Ethereum tokens. Unfortunately ECR-20 tokens cannot be sent to a WAVES wallet. You'll need an ECR-20 compliant wallet to store, and later trade, your PROPX tokens. To make this change a little easier, we've provided a list of ECR-20 compatible wallets in the user section of the site.

Remember to update your wallet address under your profile in the user section of the site.

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Buy one PROPX get one Buy Back token FREE!

As a special thank you to all our project's financial supporters we are issuing limited edition "buy back"-tokens called ProsperiCoins. You get one ProsperiCoin, free of charge, for every PROPX token that you buy. ProsperiCoins are limited to this ICO only!

The value of buy back tokens are linked to the value of the company. As the company grows in value, so will the tokens grow in value. As some stage, when the company can afford it, we will make you an offer to buy back those tokens from you. In effect, we aim to give you your money's worth plus a little extra ;-)

Buy back tokens are not exchange tradable. They are simply a gentlemen's agreement between you and the company.

ProsperiProp in the news


PROSPERIPROP SA: Now anyone can invest in property
9 October, 2017

Property Investments are usually the forté of the well to do since it’s such a high-cost game. There traditionally hasn’t been any way for the average Joe to buy into property, leaving good ol’ Joe with very limited prospects for a better financial future.

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SA’s ProsperiProp wants us all to be investors in property
By Tom Jackson on September 13, 2017

The startup’s founder and chief executive officer (CEO) Llew Morkel told Disrupt Africa the goal was to use blockchain technology to make property investment accessible to everyone. ProsperiProp will sell PROPX coins via the ICO to create the world’s first blockchain-based property fund.

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ProsperiProp introduces asset-backed crypto tokens
28 September, 2017

Newly launched fintech startup ProsperiProp is introducing low-cost asset-backed (property) crypto tokens in an effort to make property investment more accessible.