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ProsperiProp uses a powerful two token model to generate profits for PROPX investors while delivering strong token growth for our TREE token customers.

How the two token model works

  • 1
    Raise capital
  • 1
    Raise capital
  • 2
    Sell consumer tokens
  • 2
    Sell consumer tokens
  • 3
    Earn dividends
  • 3
    Earn dividends
  • 4
    Repay capital
  • 4
    Repay capital

Raise capital
Capital generated from the sale of PROPX tokens are applied by a specially constituted company (called an SPV) to purchase top global property assets. The minimum value of each PROPX token is backed by at least 85% of the value of the capital pool.

Sell consumer tokens
The SPV generates consumer tokens to the value of the assets it now owns. Ten percent of the consumer tokens are issued to PROPX coin owners. The remaining ninety percent of the tokens are sold at a slight premium in the global lower LSM market.

Earn dividends
The assets in the SPV starts generating dividends that accrue to the value of the consumer token, driving its value up.

Repay capital
Income generated from the sale of TREE tokens repays the PROPX capital. With the capital repaid it can be applied again to setup more SPVs, earn more consumer token and earn more dividends.

Investors profit in three ways

PROPX tokens own 100% profits of the ProsperiProp company.
The company owns a maximum of 15% PROPX tokens.

Free tokens

10% of all consumer tokens generated are paid to PROPX token owners, free of charge. The value of these tokens are driven by SPV dividends and asset capital growth.



PROPX tokens own a special class B share in the holding company. The class B share owns 100% of the financial benefit, but no management rights. 100% of the dividends declared are paid to PROPX token owners in crypto.


Capital pool

The capital pool belongs to the company and as such underwrites the value of each PROPX token. Every time the capital pool is reapplied PROPX tokens earn more free tokens and dividends.

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Product mechanics

PROPX Fund  PROPX sales create a fund.
 Money is placed with SPV.
 Owns special shares.
 Owns the cash pool.
 Receives bounty.
 Receives profit share.
 Token backed by 10% of SPV asset plus 100% of cash pool.
 Token can be traded on exchanges as an asset with secure minimum value.

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SPV Company  100% owned by ProsperiProp.
 Buys top global property shares.
 Creates new tokens called TREE.
 90% tokens are sold in global market.

 Receives TREE token sales revenue.
 Receives dividends from shares.  Receives interest on invested dividends.
 10% allocated to PROPX owners.
 Repays loan (2% to 4%).

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TREE Product  Target selling price is $2.
 Global target market LSM 4 to 9.
 Est. size: 2 billion people.
 Owns 100% of the assets in SPV.
 Receives 100% of dividends.
 Dividends are reinvested.
 Token value increases as:
   Share capital value increase.
   Dividends are paid.
   Interest is received.
 Sells token to cashout.
 Token can be traded on private exchange.
 Website/App based "cashout" option.

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Note: Details about market size calculation, TREE token selling price and TREE token supply are contained in our whitepaper.


Alphacode ProsperiProp is a proud gold member of the AlphaCode fintech incubator. AlphaCode is a Rand Merchant Investment Holdings initiative.
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Transparency guarantee.

Each PROPX token represents one class B share in the ProsperiProp SA (Pty) Ltd company. Class B shares own 100% of the distributable profit. We appointed a top global audit firm, to audit both ProsperiProp SA (Pty) Ltd and the special purpose vehicle (SPV) on an annual basis. Audit results will be made available to PROPX token owners.

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